Poster Presentation


Please read the following guidelines carefully when preparing your poster.


Poster dimensions allowed: PORTRAIT ORIENTATION.

Dimensions of board / visible part: width 95 cm x height 136 cm.

Please make sure your poster does not exceed the recommended size.


The poster area will be in the foyer and open for mounting as of Saturday, 6 May, at 11:00.

All posters should be set up no later than the Opening Lecture (13:00).

Each presenter has already received the unique number by email.

Mounting materials and on-site assistance will be available on-site.


There will be an opportunity for a dedicated poster discussion (no other sessions scheduled during that time) on 7 May from 13:30 – 16:00. Please make an extra effort to try to be near your poster board during that time (as well as other convenient times). However, the viewing of the posters by the meeting attendees will be happening during lunch and coffee breaks as well.


Please remove your poster on Sunday, 7 May, between 16:00 – 18:30.

The conference organisers cannot accept responsibility for any material left behind or for any loss or damage to any posters that are not removed by the specified time. Posters left behind after this time will be automatically destroyed.

Tips for preparing your poster

        • Content: English is the official language of the Symposium. The presenting authors are entirely responsible for the poster content. Use a short descriptive title, the full name of contributing authors and their affiliation.
        • Make your message clear: Highlight your AIM and CONCLUSION on the poster using bold or coloured fonts.
        • Be brief: Use bullet points and only the most relevant text. 200-300 words are more than enough for the main text.
        • Picture and graphics: Particular attention should be paid to the resolution of pictures. As a rule of thumb, use at least 300 dpi resolution.  Make use of colour and graphics. At least 3 pictures or figures are recommended to graphically show your study design and results.

Please contact the CLLS 2023 Scientific Programme Secretariat for any assistance at