FAQ´S – Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting the Symposium Organising Secretariat, please read through the following Frequently asked questions or visit the Registration guidelines of the 13th I-BFM Biennial Childhood Leukemia and Lymphoma Symposium (CLLS). 


How do I register for the Symposium?

The delegate/secretary/contact person must Create an Account and then continue filling out the online registration form. The delegate details (who will attend the congress) will be required. An account will be automatically created based on the delegate’s email address.

If you fill in your all details, you will not have to fill the details in the form again.

Problem with logging in to the registration portal.

If you have forgotten your password, click here to retrieve it.

If you have forgotten your username, please contact us and outline your query. Please also consider using a personal email account if your work email is connected to an institute with high security and privacy settings as the email may be transferred to junk folders.

I cannot find my registration confirmation email.

Institutes with high security and privacy settings may transfer emails sent from the online system to junk folders. You may also check the emails in the Mailing Archive and Communication Log in the portal.

I have received a Special code. How can I apply it?

  1. Create an account or sign into your existing account in the registration portal.
  2. Once you have created an account, please click on the violet button. 
  3. Fill out your contact and invoice details.
  4. On the Registration fee page, you will be able to use the code. Once entered YOU MUST HIT THE SMALL MAGNIFYING GLASS ON THE RIGHT ON THE CODE BOX   ,  this will activate the code. Please see highlighted in the picture below.

How can I register more than 1 person or create a group registration?

If you wish to register fewer than 5 participants/delegates, please create a new account.

For registration for more than 10 participants, please contact us.


Further details can be found in the registration guidelines

Can I make a name change to my registration?

For any change of name, a fee of 20 EUR will be charged.

What is the cancellation policy if I cannot attend the 13th I-BFM Biennial Childhood Leukemia and Lymphoma Symposium (CLLS)?

Please find our cancellation policy in the Registration guidelines.

I can no longer attend the International Symposium, but my colleague is available. What is the substitution policy?

It is possible to change the name of the participant. For any change of name, a fee of 50 EUR will be charged. Any change must be notified in written form to the  Symposium Secretariat.

What to do if you need to change your details?

Any change must be notified in written form to the Symposium Secretariat.


I selected bank transfer as my payment option, but now I want to pay with a credit card.

If you log in to the portal and click on the button “Checkout”, you will be forwarded to the next page, where you can change your payment method.

My payment was declined/Cancelled, what I should do?

First, please check if your payment has been charged to your account. From time to time the connection between our registration system and online payment provider takes a while. If the payment was declined, please contact the  Symposium Secretariat.

Invoice Details request

The invoice details (name of company/institution, full address, VAT number if applicable) are important for your final invoice. Please note that a 20 EUR administrative fee will be charged for any changes.

An applicable VAT number is required for the invoice for participants from EU countries.

How can I ask for an advance invoice to proceed with the payment by my institution/company?

The Call for payment with bank details will be available for download in the online portal.

The advance invoice will be sent upon request to  Symposium Secretariat.


I need an invitation letter for VISA purposes. How do I receive it?

A VISA invitation letter can be downloaded from the Online Registration Portal after the registration is confirmed and paid in full. If you need assistance with the VISA invitation letter, please contact the Symposium Secretariat.


Can I obtain a Certificate of Attendance?

All registered delegates present on-site are entitled to receive a Certificate of Attendance. The certificate can be downloaded from the Online Registration Portal after the Symposium.